Accolades in the Humanities - IBP 2019

Publishers Accolade for Outstanding Production Value

Dorothy Ko, The Social Life of Inkstones: Artisans and Scholars in Early Qing China. University of Washington Press, 2017.
The Social Life of Inkstones explores the hidden history and cultural significance of the inkstone and puts the stonecutters and artisans on centre stage. | Read more

Most Accessible and Captivating Work for the Non-specialist Reader Accolade

Susan Whitfield, Silk, Slaves, and Stupas: Material Culture of the Silk Road. University of California Press, 2018.
Silk, Slaves, and Stupas is a lively, visual, and tangible way to understand the Silk Road and the cultural, economic, and technical changes of the late antique and medieval worlds.

Specialist Publication Accolade

Ronald C. Po, The Blue Frontier: Maritime Vision and Power in the Qing Empire. Cambridge University Press, 2018.
The Blue Frontier offers a much broader picture of the Qing as an Asian giant responding flexibly to challenges and extensive interaction on all frontiers - both land and sea - in the eighteenth century.

Teaching Tool Accolade

Aaron William Moore, Bombing the City: Civilian Accounts of the Air War in Britain and Japan, 1939-1945. Cambridge University Press, 2018.
In an unprecedented comparative history, Moore offers a major new contribution to the debate of whether it was possible for Allies and Axis alike to be victims of aggression.

Ground-Breaking Subject Matter Accolade

John G. Butcher and R.E. Elson, Sovereignty and the Sea: How Indonesia Became an Archipelagic State. NUS Press, 2017.
Sovereignty and the Sea explains how Indonesia succeeded in its extraordinary claim of ‘absolute sovereignty’ over all the waters lying within straight baselines drawn between the outermost islands of Indonesia.

Edited Volume Accolade

Vibeke Børdahl, Liangyan Ge & Wang Yalong (eds) Western Han: A Yangzhou Storyteller Script. NIAS Press, 2017.
This mammoth study is of high importance to preserve knowledge about one of the famous oral traditions of China, but also as a unique documentation of the interplay between orality and literacy in Chinese storytelling.

Best Art Publication

Shelley Drake Hawks, The Art of Resistance: Painting by Candlelight in Mao's China. University of Washington Press, 2017.
These seven independent ‘counterrevolutionary’ artists would secretly ‘paint by candlelight’, creating charged art open to multiple interpretations; their compassion inspires respect for the deep emotional and spiritual resonance of Chinese art.