African-Asian Relations: Past, Present, Future

African-Asian Relations: Past, Present, Future
Is the impression of a new dynamism in African-Asian relations empirically correct? Is it a process that will once be accepted as one of the fundamental transformations of World Society in the 21st century? This volume addresses these questions in 14 chapters, from a look back to 2000 years of African-Asian contacts and exchange to the analysis of the origins of this new inter-regional dynamism. On the Asian side, the focus is on China, which has - with the Forum on China-African Cooperation (FOCAC), the Belt and Road Initative with numerous infrastructure projects, development assistance, resource deals, and the support for the African Union in Africa - drawn most attention, but also recent initiatives by India and South Korea are described. On the African side, the recent developments in Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Angola, Guinea, Tanzania, Ghana, Zimbabwe and South Africa are analyzed in detail, with a special focus on the various impacts of the recent and ongoing projects and initiatives and the conditions under which they exert developmental or detrimental economic, Do we witness the repetition of past mistakes of development policies at higher level, or is this time everything different?


Patrick Ziltener, Christian Suter





Publication date

1 Jan 2022 – 30 Nov 2022


Social Sciences


International Relations and Politics
Diasporas and Migration


Global Asia (Asia and other parts of the World)